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Ferōz - Urban Pet Fashion

About Us

We are a Colombian lifestyle brand that celebrates pets through fashion and design. Using indigenous materials from our South American culture, we work closely with local artisans to craft our accessories in a sustainable and environmentally conscious manner, infusing every piece we make with our Latin essence. We conceptualize our pieces with careful attention to detail and the highest quality, so cats and dogs can reflect the unique identity of their humans. 

We have three product lines:

Artisan: Accessories made with textiles that are hand-woven by indigenous communities. Highlighting the best of our art and tradition so pets are colorfully outfitted in unique ethnic pieces.

Leather Mania: Luxury pieces made from 100% natural leather with water-based dyes (mitigating pollution) and gold-plated hardware fittings.

Urban Prints: Garments with exclusive patterned prints inspired by art, design and urban fashion. For irreverent animals that boldly impose their own style.




Daniela Rivera Alzate - creator of Ferōz - is an animal lover who is passionate about design. When her two Newfoundlands, Benicio and Rebeca, came into her life, she searched everywhere for unique accessories for them that reflected her personal style and fashion taste. When she couldn't find anything, she decided to create a line of sophisticated accessories and premium pieces for pets. This is how Ferōz – Urban Pet Fashion was born: a company that is inspired by the world of fashion to create design pieces so that our beloved pets can, at last, enjoy one-of-a-kind style.


Ferōz had already participated in design fairs in Bogotá such as Las Puertas del Cielo and Club el Nogal's NUX. In 2018, Ferōz exhibits for the first time at the renowned Buro fair and launches its website and e-commerce platform, expanding its brand presence and developing its virtual sales channel.


Daniela travels to New York City and studies Pet Product Design at the Fashion Institute of Technology, where she designs the brand's second collection: SAVAGE. Ferōz opens its first point of sale in the Boho Expo designers space in Bogotá. October sees the inauguration of the second point of sale in Casa Blanca (located in the Calle de los anticuarios) in the heart of Bogotá. 


Ferōz launches its new line: CASA FERŌZ, a project in collaboration with Spanish architecture & design studio NOJU. These practical pieces for the home were designed in Spain and made in Colombia by local artisans, respecting the environment and using top quality wood of certified Colombian origin. To accompany all of our products, we're offering an ecological disinfectant that helps protect your accessories during the pandemic and beyond. We've also launched the vibrant ABSTRACT CITY collection, inspired by our furry friends' urban adventures. At the end of the year, the Tie Dye Capsule Collection was released, taking cues from the popular trend sweeping the world of fashion.

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