The 6 best movies to watch with your pet

The 6 best movies to watch with your pet

These 6 classics are a must for pet lovers. Get out the popcorn and settle in with your best furry friend!

What’s more romantic than a spaghetti love scene between an elegant Cocker Spaniel and a freewheeling mutt with a heart of gold? This Disney classic has only gotten better since it’s initial release in 1955 – because when it comes to pets, some things are timeless.

A Golden Retriever, a Boxer mix and a Himalayan cat encounter a slew of animals, trials and challenges on their long journey to return to their humans. As heartwarming today as it was in 1993!

Set in the post-Civil War era in Texas, this 1957 classic tells the quintessential and, at times, heart-breaking story of a boy’s love for his dog. Keep the Kleenex box nearby and be prepared to join the millions who treasure this tale.

THE ADVENTURES OF MILO AND OTIS Cats and dogs may not always be the best of friends in real life, but this 1986 award-winning Japanese film makes us believe that maybe they could be.

If you’re wondering whether to spring for the 1961 cartoon or the 1996 remake starring Glenn Close, the answer is: you can’t go wrong with either one. The dogs only talk in the animated version, but the combination of Cruella de Vil, a plethora of spots and heart-pounding escapes make both films classic hits.

Saint Bernard protagonist Beethoven enjoyed his own five-film series, but of course the best one is the first one! Beethoven brings a family together with his crazy antics and loyal nature – and there’s plenty of romance and dognapping to keep things interesting.

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