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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions. If your question is not listed below, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Phone: + 57 321 866 3097

How long does delivery take?
The delivery time is five business days for accessories that do not include a personalized plate and ten business days for accessories with a personalized plate.
Shipping costs?
• Bogota: $10,000
• Outside Bogota: $15,000
• Outside the country: As calculated by the shipping company according to the weight of the shipment and destination address (previously informed to the client).
What are the payment options?
Bank transfer:
• Davivienda Savings account No. 004300249234 in the name of Driverina SAS. NIT. 901268871-8

• Payu Latam platform: You can make your payment with a credit card, debit card or in cash, selecting the Baloto or Efecty option.
When you buy through our website, you use this method. We can also send you a payment link through the PayU platform when you buy through social networks or WhatsApp.

• Efectivo: En nuestra tienda ubicada en la Calle 79b # 7-60, Bogotá.
How to know the size of my pet?
It is necessary to measure the pet to choose the exact size in all cases. You can check the size and measurement guide at
How long are the products guaranteed?
Any purchase of accessories has a warranty period of 60 days from the day of receipt. In case you require a guarantee of a product, you can do it through the email

Especially in leather accessories, contact with water, perfumes, soaps, and other chemical products should be avoided when using them.

Therefore, FEROZ PET FASHION is not responsible for the normal deterioration of a product or the damage it suffers due to carelessness or misuse.

Keep in mind that if your dog scratches, he will peel the leather with his nails, and it can fade when used wet. In these cases, we recommend using a rope necklace or one made of leather that does not have an intense color.

As for rope or textile accessories, they should be washed by hand as much as possible, and avoid twisting them or applying chemicals that deteriorate their color. To make the guarantee effective, it must fully comply with all the conditions such as

• Validity of the guarantee.
• Purchase invoice
•The product damage must be due to a manufacturing defect.
• Product in optimal hygienic conditions.

None of the above will apply in case of evidence of misuse by the client.

The customer may request repair of the accessory outside the warranty, assuming the additional costs that may represent as long as the repair is possible.