Tips for grooming your dog during quarantine

Tips for grooming your dog during quarantine

When you can’t access professional grooming services, it’s important to build habits and perform basic grooming tasks at home for your dog’s well-being. These will not only directly impact their lives, since the consequences on the health of the furry, impact us all at home. This article, written by Bogotá-based expert pet studio MY PET GROOMING, offers tips & tools for taking care of our pets at home in a fun and easy way.

During quarantine with our pets, shedding fur becomes more noticeable, the sound of the nails on the floor more irritating, and obligations that typically fall to your informed pet groomer must now be undertaken by you, the pet parent! To take care of your dog during these unprecedented times, we present the following tips that you can follow at home:

Paw pads: If this surface is partially or totally covered with fur, the dog will slip, and this hair could also become knotted and tangled, allowing things like rocks, chewing gum and lots of other things to become lodged. At home, you can very carefully take scissors and cut the hair that covers the tips of the paws. This will also facilitate the leg washing and drying process required by COVID-19. If homemade products such as soap or vinegar are used, make sure they are diluted to avoid skin irritation. Then dry as well as possible.

Nails: They grow so fast! Based on our experience, we recommend cutting them at most every two weeks, and even more often if your dog is not exercising enough on rough surfaces that can file them when walking or running. You can buy special dog nail clippers to facilitate the task. This is a fundamental habit in grooming our dogs. The longer nails are left untrimmed, the longer the stem of the nail inside the shell (the hard cover) will become, and the greater the chance that your dog’s nails could bleed or cause severe pain. It’s also very important to trim nails on the fifth toes and rear spurs (if your dog has them), since they don’t touch the ground and therefore won’t naturally be filed when walking.

Brushing: Each of the different types of hair that dogs have based on their different breeds or types demands a particular tool to carry out proper brushing. With the advice of professional groomers such as My Pet Grooming, you can easily identify the tool that helps to minimize knots and keep your dog’s skin healthy. Brushing should be a habit ranging from every day to at least twice a week, depending on the type of dog and the lifestyle it leads. Bonus: proper brushing will also significantly reduce the amount of fur shed in the home!

Ears: We are not going to go deep; we are going to clean the external part of the ear where fat and particles from the environment accumulate. For this you can use very soft products like a slightly damp or dry cloth. We must be attentive to secretions or bad odor, a symptom that your dog may be suffering from otitis (which can be caused by several factors). For treatment, turn to your trusted vet.

Teeth: We learned a few years ago that just as with humans, the very act of brushing is even more important than the type of cleaning product, brush or toothpaste used. Regular brushing is sure to prevent dental diseases in dogs. Choose a soft brush that doesn’t hurt your pup’s gums. We like to end with a splash that cleanses the oral cavity as an antiseptic effect.

Bathing: If you can’t wait any longer for your groomer and you plan to bathe your pup, apply a professional cosmetic product for dogs with a PH that won’t irritate the skin,or eyes. We do not recommend the famous coconut soap, or anything with a colored tint on light fur. Make sure to completely dry your dog off afterwards.

At My Pet Grooming, we enjoy sharing our knowledge and helpful anecdotes. We are happy to share what we know!

Blessings and hugs,

Marcela, Nicky, Coloso & Julio Cesar!

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